10 Tips for Beginning Preppers

Those of you that know Survivalist Prepper know that we try to focus on the basics of preparedness. We have the Survivalist Prepper Academy and the Survivalist Prepper podcast which are designed to show how easy preparedness can be, and how being concerned about your future doesn?t make you a whacked-out loon?it makes you smart.

It?s been a while since we went back to the basics, so in today?s video I went over 10 tips for beginning preppers.

1. Relax as Much as Possible.
2. Don’t Buy Anything Big Yet.
3. Start Stocking Food and Water
4. Do a Threat Assessment
5. What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses
6. Learn Survival Skills
7. figure Out a Prepping Budget
8. Build a Bug Out Bag
9. Don’t Focus on One Area of Preparedness
10. Have Patience

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