13 Ways to Start a Fire (No Matches or Lighter) – Fire Starting Techniques.

Here are all the ways I know how to start a fire without matches. I am not a master at all of these techniques, but this is a great quick intro to these fire starting techniques.

FYI – Yes this is a reupload. YouTube labeled the original version of this video as a dangerous or harmful video. So I reedited this video and reposted it. Comments are disabled because of YouTube’s policy of disabling comments on channels that regularly feature minors.

#1 Fire roll – Cotton ball & Ash
#2 Spontaneous Combustion
#3 How to Start a fire with a Battery& Steel Wool
#3 Tearing open a lithium battery
#4 Fire Piston
#5 Potassium Manganate
#6 Flint and Steel (Blast matches and Magnesium bars)
#7 How to start a fire with the Fire plow method
#8 How to start a fire with the Fire Saw
#8 Beating/ hammering steel
#10 Starting a fire with a flashlight (magnifying glass ect)
#11 Spindle and Board with bow- Friction Fire Techniques
#12 Spindle and Board (hand method) Friction Fire Techniques
#13 Rope Lighter

Axe Restoration Playlist

Forging Playlist

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