5 Tricks To Survive The Summer Heat! ️

5 Tips & Tricks To Help You Beat The Summer Heat When it comes to enjoying summertime weather, we’re often divided into two camps. There are those who can’t wait to see the temperatures rise into the 90s, while others break into a sweat just at the thought of it. We’re all agreed on one thing though — summer is the time to dress lightly and stick to the shade when the weather gets ferociously hot. Yet sometimes even that’s not enough. So to make the summer heat somewhat more bearable, we’ve come up with the 5 following tips for you.

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1. Muggy Nights

Yep, we’ve all felt like zombies the next day after experiencing yet another sleepless night in the middle of summer. However, there’s a rather easy trick to bring some coolness back to your bed. Simply place a cold pack from the freezer under your pillow and your head should remain nice and cool while you sleep.

2. DIY Cooling Unit

If your fan isn’t doing the trick, here’s a clever way to make your own DIY cooling unit.

You’ll Need:

– fan
– lighter
– screwdriver
– 2 plastic bottles
– box cutter
– wire
– ice cubes

Here’s How:

2.1 Use a lighter to heat up the end of a screwdriver and make holes in the bottom half of both plastic bottles.

2.2 Cut away the bottom end of the bottles using a box cutter.

2.3 Use wire to attach both bottles to the fan with the cap facing downward.

2.4 Fill both bottles with ice cubes and switch the fan on. You’ll quickly feel that the air is much cooler. Once the ice cubes have melted, simply drain the water away using the cap and add new ones.

3. Homemade Sprinkler

If you have a garden, this is the perfect trick to beat the summer heat. Kids and pets will also love this one!

You’ll Need:

– plastic bottle
– drill
– electrical tape
– garden hose

Here’s How:

3.1 Use a drill or, as in trick #2, a hot screwdriver to make several holes in a plastic bottle.

3.2 Remove the bottle cap and insert a garden hose into the opening. Seal the opening with some electrical tape and turn on the water.

4. Chill Drinks Fast

Nothing is more refreshing on warm days than a cold drink. If you want the bottle to cool down more quickly, simply wrap a few damp sheets of kitchen roll around it. Place the bottle in the freezer and your drink will be cool in no time.

5. Sweltering Cars

Cars heat up extremely quickly in the sun. Before driving, you’ll need to ventilate it properly. First, wind down all of the windows. Next, open the driver’s door and waft fresh air into the interior. The draft should cool the car down quickly and you’re ready to go.

Now you’re ready to take on the summer heat with these 5 nifty tricks. Just remember to drink enough fluids and dress as lightly as you can during those particularly hot days. Have a great summer!


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