A Prepper Inventory you need to consider taking

This was one of those videos I felt compelled to make, but wrestled with posting once it was done. I know there will be folks (perhaps many) in the the prepper community that will not agree with the sentiment and approach put forth in this video. I hope, however, that many will, or at least pause to think about the message. I also know there are those out there prepping who can barely provide enough for their own families, let alone anyone elses. I understand. But helping others does not necessarily have to be a financial burden — don’t underestimate the value of your skill sets, level head, organizational ability, and/or time in a crisis. For those in a position to provide physical assistance your non-prepping neighbors with the necessities of life, I hope you will consider doing just that as best you can should the need ever arise. Feeding someone who scoffed at you is, afterall, the best “revenge” isn’t it? Remember, we’re all in this together.

All images presented in this video are either my own or from the public domain.

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