A Timeline of ARK Survival Evolved DLC Countdowns (Community Ranked)

Follow me as we look at every DLC Countdown for ARK Survival Evolved, from Scorched Earth to Genesis Part 2, with your community ranks on which was the best official map, through a timeline.

⏩ EVERYTHING REVEALED for ARK Genesis 2! Full Rundown! All the News! https://youtu.be/oMo6CyrxnhU ⏩

⏩ Ranked Best Map https://youtu.be/YQlC72aG62M ⏩

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“ARK: ABERRATION ASCENSION CUT SCENE |2K|MAX| [Epic ARK]” by Epic ARK https://youtu.be/saQFPUZyILo

Music: Let Thunder Strike – SergePavkinMusic
Music Link: https://youtu.be/SHr1MCFzv_8​

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00:00 Introduction
00:35 Scorched Earth
02:29 Aberration
05:39 Extinction
09:16 Genesis: Part One
12:55 Genesis: Part Two

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