Bear Bangers and Shotgun Flares | Canadian Prepper

In this video I test out some Tru flare products, bear bangers, whistle flares, and shotgun flares. Bear bangers are a good option for someone without a firearms license.

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The shotgun flares will directly show your location but will not be as loud as a normal shotgun round. IMO they are not really worth it unless you’re on a boat.

The whistle flares may be good for intra-group communication i.e. signaling other members of your party, as its a sound that is distinct from a gunshot (unlike bear bangers which sound like gunshots). For signalling though they are not that good.

Bear bangers are the most well rounded Tru flare product that are a worthwhile investment, especially in areas where firearms are prohibited.

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Bear Bangers and Shotgun Flares

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