Build a Mini Aquaponics System as a School Garden Project Model

In this video you will learn How to Build a beginners Mini Aquaponics System as a school Garden project model. Of course it will also look great in your Home- just uses small crates. Its a small, simple and cheap way to build a beginners aquaponics system at school or home for the kitchen bench or as school classroom idea. If your stuck for a school project garden idea than this mini DIY aquaponics system is perfect for the classroom. An Aquaponics school garden project is great for environmental education, self sufficiency and sustainable living exercises. A great little aquaponics school project.

More step by step checklists, tool lists & video modules can be found in my aquaponics online course here- “Learn how you could Build a MINI AQUAPONICS SYSTEM GARDEN”

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– Learn how you could Build a 1 Bed SIMPLE AQUAPONICS GARDEN

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