Building a Greenhouse – DIY PVC Greenhouse

Condensed version of build –

Winter update:

My friend Jason from Start From Seed has a couple nice greenhouses:

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What to Expect on our Channel:
Tiny Hilltop is the digital life-form of Nate and Evan’s journey toward food self-sufficiency. Videos will include organic gardening, greenhouse gardening, and starting an orchard using permaculture concepts when possible. We hope that our videos can bring the peace and tranquility we feel when growing food amongst the trees. We would be honored if you chose to follow along on our journey!

Tiny Hilltop Background:
Nate has been dealing with chronic health issues for over a decade. The worst of it starting in 2011, taking me from 200lbs to 150lbs in a few months. He was mostly bedridden, requiring a wheelchair to leave the house for nearly three years. Liver and immune issues caused him to develop a sensitivity to chemicals. That started his journey towards living remotely, designing a non-toxic tiny house, growing his own food, and attempting to be as self sustainable as possible. Starting in 2020, Evan, will be doing most of the heavy lifting but Nate will still be involved with planning and production of videos.

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