Building a Long-term Camp in the Canadian Wilderness | FULL DOCUMENTARY – Camp Firlend

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This video is a full hour long documentary of I and Marie’s adventure building our long-term bushcraft camp, camp Firlend. Follow us as we go through our 9 part building series of the camp, all packed into one video. Also included are some never before seen failed footage including extras that had been cut, and even failed entries. Along with the addition of extra information explaining what we did and why we did it, not shown in the separate entries in the series. So relax, and enjoy the documentary.

Sadly I wasn’t able to include entry 10, the final entry in the series, mainly because it is nearly another hour long, but also due to the fact that it wasn’t us building. I wanted to keep this documentary only on the building of our camp, from start to finish.


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Folk Tap Harp by Unicorn Heads

Bosk1 – Wind Howling Little 2, (CC BY-NC 3.0)


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