Coronavirus URBAN SURVIVAL GARDEN Tour San Diego | Spring Planting & Preparation – USDA zone 10b

Coronavirus Urban Survival Garden Tour San Diego | Springtime planting & Preparation
It is APRIL 4, 2020 in USDA growing zone 10b here in Southern California. In this episode I will take on a tour of my garden filled with all types of survival fruits & vegetables you too can grow to survive a crisis or just grow even when there is no crisis at all. See how am able to grow a massive amount of food in a relatively small urban garden space. Become more self sufficient & learn how to sustain your life by growing a variety of foods high in protein, carbs, mircro-nutrients and more. With the right set up and plant selection you could sustain your life for a long period of time, if needed. Start growing organic now and it will be a great insurance policy in case the grocery stores run out. Here is a list of what I am growing in my garden right now! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and click the BELL notifications, and I will show you the harvest of all these different fruits and vegetables in upcoming videos!

TREES: Avocado, Peach, 2 Apples, Mandarin, Blood Orange, Pomegranite, Papaya
VEGETABLES: 4 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 2 peppers, Kale, 6 Carrots, Radish, 3 Beans, Peas, Garlic


Heirloom survival kit:
Cosmic Purple Carrots:
Atomic Red Carrots:

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