Diebulfrog79: Prepping 101 – Seven videos for Ms Vital Survival

Something a little strange and something a little weird. Not your normal YouTube channel. Beyond the doorway. Hi folks. It’s your old pal – Uncle Al. Today, we talk about survival bookshelf. Video one for Ms. Vital Survival. Too many of Us, use the internet, smart phones and tablets for need information.
What kinds of books that you should have?

Uncle Al’s Prepping 101 book list:
Canning cook books.
Pressure canning books
cooking books
off grid cooking books
Camping and woodcraft – old school books.
Harvesting and foraging books
Survival and Disaster books
Urban homestead and Self – Sufficient living.
Preparedness Books
Root cellar books
Backpacker books
Self defense books
Warfare and gun fighting books
Educational books – family.
History books
Religious texts – Bible, Koran, etc
Medical and basic First Aid books

Paper, hard cover, real books unaffected by Off grid or EMP effects.
Please help your local food bank.
Have your extend family and neighbors stockpile 30 days of food.
A small donation of $2.00 dollars to
Get trained, get skilled.
You are out of time.
thank you.
Good luck and god bless.

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