Easiest Way To Tame A Pteranodon

Today, I want to show you how to easily tame up a pteranodon in Ark: Survival Evolved. At first glance, the Pteranodon appears to be one of the most elusive animals in all of Ark, but the truth is the complete opposite. If you are high enough level to craft a bola, then you are certainly capable of taming up a pteranodon friend of your very own.

The easiest way to tame a Pteranodon is by using the following items
Wooden Club
Meat (Regular or Prime)

Once you have spotted the Pteranodon that you want to befriend, you have to wait until it is within bola distance. The mechanic for these birds forces them to land every so often, and that is when I prefer to trap them with the bola. You can test your skill by throwing it when they are flying low to the ground, but you risk wasting bolas, and the Pteranodon could fall into the water where it will drown.

Once you have your dino trapped with the bola, simply approach it and hit it with the wooden club in the head. After a number of hits, it should fall to the ground unconscious. Once asleep, simply place some meat on the Pteranodon to tame it. Prime meat will tame any carnivore faster. If the unconscious level drops to a low level, all you have to do is feed it narcoberries to increase the torpor. After babysitting the dinosaur for a while, it should easily tame up for you.

If you want to build a Pteranodon saddle, you will have to wait until level 38 before you can craft it.

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