Easy to Build Greenhouse with NO Tools keeps your Garden Growing in the Winter

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares the benefits of a greenhouse and shares his experiences with his two harbor freight greenhouses. He then shows you how easy it is to build a Spring Gardener Greenhouse with NO TOOLS. Finally you will learn John’s opinion on the Spring Gardener Greenhouse and if you should purchase one.

Here is the link to the “$200” greenhouse I purchased. It was a while back, and they had raised the price. The lowest price you can find nowdays on it is $299.99 when they put it on sale, and then use a 20% off coupon (if you subscribe to their email list) to get the price down to $240.

Here is the link to the $500 greenhouse I purchased, the large one. It goes on sale to $599.99 less 20% coupon = $480


The greenhouse assembled in from

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