Finally Running Water at the Cottage! (Story 11)

Hi sugar snaps 🙂
Guess what?! We have running water I can’t describe to you how much joy that functioning tap brings me, haha. I’ll show you the setup in this video, and how Tommy installs it once again. I’m also telling you a bit more about my garden plans, buy some beautiful dahlia, cook some vegan Pho, and buy some gravel for our alley.

I hope you are having a wonderful day today, and that this video will give you 10 minutes of calm.

Take good care.
See ya next week?


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vegan Pho
Soup Paste:
Veggies of your choice, I used sugar snaps, chili, onion, bean sprouts, koriander

Nam Nuong Vegan Meatballs
Spices for the vegan mince meatballs:
For the vegan mince I used the Swedish Brand „Anamma“, „Formbar färs“


⌠other stuff⌡
Microphone / Røde Procaster with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Camera / Sony A7s iii
Camera Lense / Sony 24-70 2.8 GM
My shoes:
Outdoor Shower
My ceramic bowls:

⌠some of my favourite youtube channels⌡
Cody & Victoria
Roaming Wild Rosie
Athena Mellor
Isabel Paige
Eamon & Bec
Imamu Room
Jonna Jinton
Fritz Meinecke
Leena Henningsen

⌠in this video⌡
00:00 Spring Feelings
02:00 Wild visitors
02:45 Garden Plans
04:54 Gravel Action
06:07 Running Water
07:05 Making Pho
08:37 Outro

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