Front Sight Reality Check Episode 13 | Gun Training | Handgun Self Defense Tips

Front Sight Reality Check Episode 13 | Firearms Training | Handgun Self Defense Tips

We’re Positively Changing The Image of Gun Ownership.

Front Sight introduces our new video training series called The Front Sight Reality Check.
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is located just outside of Las Vegas Nevada.

The goal of this video training series is to show you how your training at Front Sight
directly correlates to the reality’s that you will face on the street.

Episode 13 is of a convenience store robbery May of 2015 in Brazil.

The good guy is an off duty cop, He faces a single bad guy armed with a handgun.

1:44 An average gun fight lasts 2.5 to 3 seconds.

This one lasted 2.6 seconds.

2:02 As I watch this video the fundamental question is why?

Why was the cop compelled to get involved at all?

Why did the cop even bother talking to the bad guy?

Why didn’t the cop simply shoot the bad guy?

This cop clearly made some mistakes, fatal mistakes.

Here are the top 4 mistakes the way I see it.

2:31 Mistake # 1 the off duty police officer did not have a plan.

2:34 Solution go over as many possible scenarios in your head that you may face
and train yourself to react reflexively when faced with them.

2:41 Do not confront your adversary from an exposed area.
Find cover and concealment whenever possible.

2:48 Mistake #2 The off duty cop decided to talk to the bad guy.
If you take the time to talk to your adversary you are giving away precious seconds.

2:57 Solution Train to recognize grave threats and react in as little time as possible.

Reports indicate that the cop fired once and missed.

3.20 Mistake #3 The police officer missed his only shot.
Missing your appoint that’s standing just a few feet away is common in gun fights.

3:26 Solution Defensive Handgun Training, Training, Training.

The bad guy fired 3 rounds at the cop and got hits as clearly indicated by arterial spurts
of blood on the white tile floor.

Lastly the cop tried to use the Innocent bystanders as cover and concealment.

3:51 Mistake #4 the police officer used the innocent bystanders as cover and concealment Really???
What lunacy.

Solution Don’t use humans as shields.

The bad guy even showed more compaction for the innocent bystanders by stepping around them before
shooting the cop.

These 4 mistakes cost the cop his life.

The good news is all these mistakes can be prevented with proper handgun training, in other words don’t
you make these mistakes.

4:16 Ultimately, the one thing that could have saved the cop’s life, is proper Firearms Training.

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