Frost damage: Will my plants survive?

Hello Garden of Weedin fans! We hope you have been warm during these past few days. Unfortunately, some of our plants got a little cold. We found that the special Dove tree and the fragrant Pieris (Andromeda) new leaves are wilted and brown. These leaves will fall off but the plants will eventually recover and grow new ones. If you have a favorite tree and know the temperatures are dropping, you can carefully wrap your plant with blankets to the ground and gently tie them around the tree or shrub. Make sure to remove the coverings in the morning.
The Dove Tree is a hardy tree once established, but while young, it is tender when the temperatures drop. The flowers are quite unusual, they look like white doves perching all over the tree. It is one of the most handsome ornamental flowering trees in the horticultural trade. It needs 10-15 years to reach flowering maturity, but once it does, it is a spectacular specimen. It prefers well drained soil in an easterly location where it will be out of the cold north winds. While unusual to find in nurseries, this tree deserves a special place in the garden where it can take flight with the breeze.

Joyce Browning Horticulturist, Master Gardener Coordinator
Video credit: Bethany Evans Longwood Gardens Professional Gardener Program Alumni; CPH

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