Geothermal Greenhouse Update Dec. 9, 2015

It has been -8 degrees outside. But has it been warm enough in the geothermal greenhouse? I show what I am doing and testing to be able to grow year round in sub zero temperatures including insulation, blower fan, secondary emergency heating and more. I also show you as we plant and transplant our winter crops into the greenhouse.

Check out the resources below for more details:


– DIY Geothermal Greenhouse Design & Plans:
– How To Build a Greenhouse:
– La Crosse Alerts Wireless Thermostat:
– Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor:
– 24-Hour Analog Timer:
– Important Plant Nutrition for Organic Vegetable Gardens:
– LDS Prepper Webinar:
– Garden Bed Seed & Plant Marker:
LDS Prepper PREMIUM Micro-Nutrient Mix:
– LDS Prepper Premium Plant Micro Nutrients
– Mittleider Gardening Course Book
– Heirloom Garden Seeds
– Berkey Water Filters
– Off-Grid Portable Solar Generator

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