My winter extreme hammock camping setup and the top 4 pieces of gear you need to stay alive when it’s freezing cold winter extreme conditions / temperatures. Top quilt, bottom quilt, fly / tarp Superfly subzero shelter.

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I invested in these 4 items more heavily than my other gear when I started out. This is because they will keep you warn, comfortable, and alive when you sleep at night and when your body is not moving. When you are moving during the day, it’s easier to stay warm, even if your clothing isn’t top notch ultra high performance. But when your body stops moving, you need more than what’s on your back to keep you from freezing, especially at night and in heavy winds and precipitation. Shelter is the only thing that will do it for the long haul. Sure, you need both shelter and clothes, but you can keep moving and be fine with even half way decent clothing. If you have the wrong gear for your shelter, you can freeze through water coming in contact with you and your gear, and or the freezing temperatures. Plus these items have other uses in an emergency. For example, if you wrap the Fly around you, you can stay dry in a storm while moving or stationary, if you fall in a freezing river, you can take off your wet clothes and wrap yourself in your bottom and top quilts to get warm (that’s if your sleep system isn’t already setup, if it is, then just crawl into that). These are again emergency situations, normally i would not recommend using your fly to keep you dry while hiking because you could rip it, then it wont function for you later.

What is your opinion? A lot of this stuff is debatable, and I am always open to a discussion, that’s one of the ways we learn. So please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the topic, it may help other viewers as well. Thanks for watching, happy camping and stay safe out there!

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