How To Germinate Peach Pits and Other Stone Fruit EASY! (TCEG Episode 5) (Day 18 of 30)

Germinating peach pits is easy – it just takes a little time. In today’s video I demonstrate how I germinate peach pits, plum pits, nectarine pits and even an apricot pit.

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It’s easy and just takes a process of stratification and next thing you know you’re growing peach trees from seed! My seedling peach trees have produced wonderfully for me in the past, though here in the tropics I have no idea how these trees are going to do. It will be a gardening experiment! Peaches and other stone fruit often produce good fruit from seed, unlike some other trees that have a lot more genetic variation. In this episode of Totally Crazy Easy Gardening, you’ll learn all you need to know to start your own delicious and fast-growing seedling trees.

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