How to Start a Farm Business that Makes $120K/Month (Pt. 1)

On this episode, you’ll discover how to start a farm that makes $120k/month. In fact, you’ll see how regular, everyday people have decided to start farming and create an off-the-charts lucrative business.

Grace Harbor Farms is a perfect example. Starting with two goats and a lot of determination, Tim and Grace Lukens, along with their son David, have turned their dream into a rewarding farm business.

With goat milk skin care products in over 100 stores (including Whole Foods), anyone interested in starting a farm business can learn from this motivational family, who are delighted to share some very important expert tips with you right now!

But, starting a farm seems as if it might require a huge investment, right? Wrong! Many fledgling entrepreneurs have learned how to start a farm with no money – and no experience.

Simply by following in the footsteps of other farmers like the Lukens family, you can be well on your way to being your own boss, experiencing how it feels to be in charge of a multi-million dollar company, and providing consumers with all-natural products and solutions that they’ll be proud to purchase time and time again.

To learn more about Grace Harbor Farms or if you’re interested in their goat products such as creams, soaps, and other products, find them here:

If you’re looking for answers to questions that didn’t make it into this video, you can find them here on our blog:


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0:00 Intro
1:42 Beginning Budget
3:10 Starting A Farm
5:23 Selling Soap and Lotion
7:22 The Product Line
8:18 Selling Bottled Milk and Yogurt
9:55 Skincare Products
11:41 Sharing The Story
13:02 Selling Online
14:07 Outro

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