Important Tips & Tricks For New Legends Players!

I put together a few things that I believe would be very helpful to newer players here in Ghost of Tsushima Legends! Hopefully this can answer some more of your questions! Enjoy 🙂

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Intro: (0:00)
Know The Rotation: (0:58)
What Each Stance Is For: (1:32)
Important Accessibility Settings: (3:15)
Hunter Rapid Fire Tech: (5:29)
Assassin Ult / WoTF Animation Cancel: (7:13)
How To Emote & Unlock Emotes + VFX: (8:01)
Samurai Ult + Burning Blade Tech: (9:23)
Improve Ghost Weapon Accuracy: (10:37)
Roll Through Eye of Iyo: (11:13)
Outro: (11:56)

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