Interview With a Prepper: Sarge Spills the Beans

Guys, stacking silver is so much more than piling up a shiny metal. You’ve got to have a purpose behind your stacking strategy. Here is a great example of stacking with a purpose. We have Sarge from Prepping With Sarge on the show today, and he will be sharing a little about himself and about the world of prepping.

A little about him and his channel:

He is a prepper with 30 years of prepping experience, and a storm chaser (hahaha not intentionally). He is also a Tracey Kenpo Blackbelt, and have trained in boxing and Shaolin Kenpo as well.

On his channel you will find knife reviews, gardening for self-sufficiency, tactical gear & self-defense. tips for financial survival, discussion of precious metals, silver stacking, reviews of products he believes preppers will like, discussions on various SHTF and TEOTWAWKI scenarios, and even a few tidbits on health and fitness.

He will also discuss bug-in scenarios versus when to bug-out, and what to EDC for survival.
Disaster Preparedness; Emergency Preparedness; Get Home Bags, EMP, Hurricanes like hurricane Laura as it is hitting Texas and Lousianna right now, Tornadoes, Blizzards, Drought, Economic Collapse, Zombies, Robot Uprising… hey why not? Let’s have some fun too.

Check out Sarge’s YouTube Channel at:
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00:56 A Little About Sarge
02:44 How Did Sarge Get Into Prepping?
03:50 What Sets Sarge’s Channel Apart From Other Prepping Channels?
08:14 How to Contact Sarge

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