Leatherman Tread Review by TheUrbanPrepper

LEATHERMAN – Tread Bracelet: https://amzn.to/2pJ44vA
LEATHERMAN – Tread Tempo Watch: https://amzn.to/35sG4f9

The Leatherman Tread is crafted of high strength, corrosion resistant 17-4 stainless steel links that include two to three functional tools each, making a total of 25 usable features like box wrenches and screwdrivers available at a moment’s notice.

Cutting Hook, Bottle Opener, Oxygen Tank Wrench, Carbine Glass Breaker, 1/4″ Flat Screwdriver, 5/16″ Screwdriver, 18/8″ Flat Screwdriver, 10mm Box Wrench, 1/4″ Box Wrench, 3/8″ Box Wrench, 3/32″ Screwdriver, 3/16″ Screwdriver, #1-2 Phillips, #1 Phillips, 5/16″ Box Wrench, 3/32″ Hex Drive, 1/8″ Hex Drive, 3/16″ Box Wrench, 1/4″ Hex Drive, 3/16″ Hex Drive, 5mm Hex Drive, 6mm Hex Drive, #2 Square Drive, 1/4″ Socket Drive, Pick/Sim Card Tool

1. Extremely cool looking! Looks badass and most would not know it was a tool.
2. Great conversation piece: Segway into more gear conversations
3. Tools all function and are crafted up to Leatherman Standards
4. TSA Compliant
5. Customizable: Multiple links
6. 1/4 Inch Socket Drive is a great dual purpose item
7. Seems to fit Leatherman Bits (not advertised)
8. Makeshift Self Defense Weapon

1. Expensive ($150-200)
2. “Chink In the Armor”: The pivot point rod by bottle opener is weak
3. Clumsy To Use (inward angled tools, not a lot of grip)
4. Opening: Hard to determine where to open it (I use the cutter)
5. Inside labeling difficult to read (black ink, perhaps sweat would just rub off)
6. Customizable, but as add ons (still need base model) (I’d prefer building my own based on needs) (torx, more phillips)

Watch Version:
1. I trust Leatherman Tools, but I’m unfamiliar with their watches. I would prefer just the watch band and add to more established watch makers (e.g. G-Shock)
2. Kind of Bulky

1. Very unique product that will turns heads
2. Not a full size multitool replacement (more of a backup)
3. An awesome gift for a gear heads, bikers, preppers and people who like to wear chains
4. Leatherman hit a home run with this new tool!


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