Making a Bow Drill #shorts #bowdrill

Here’s how you make a Bow Drill! #shorts bushcraft #survival #wood #bowdrill

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Jim Grylls is a Mountaineer, Military man, and a brilliant Survival Book Guide writer on How to Start Prepping. But mostly is a Prepper who spends his life learning How to Survive Off the Grid for Nature or Man-made Disasters (SHTF Preparedness).

He train himself for years to improve his Survival Skills and now is ready to give the Most Valuable Preparedness Tips to his Students to be Prepared in the Long Term for Every Scenario Including:

-Wilderness Survival and Down Gird

-Choosing only the best Emergency Food to Stockpile before serious Food Crisis and Food Shortages

-Society and Economic Collapses (WROL)

It’s also Specialised in advanced On a budget techniques for Home Defense, Doomsday Bunkers, Canning, Emergency Medicine, and Prepping the Best Items for the Bug out Bags.


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