NEW! Self Defense Tools & Tips – with Louis Krudo & David – Krudo Snag and Nano – Blade Show 2013

David Feels the Pain as Self Defense Gear Designer – Louis Krudo – Demos TWO Torturous – Less-Than-Lethal, Personal Self Defense Gizmos on Poor, Little, Old David. These are Tough Tools that Anyone Can Use to Get Away from an Attacker and Survival to See Another Day.

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As Promised… Here are Links to the stuff Mentioned in this Video:

Louis’s Website – Krudo Knives:

Snag Controler – Personal Defense Tool – Bladeless

Snag Folder – Live Blade:

Krudo Nano – Personal Self Defense Tool:

Other Krudo Gear on Amazon:

OTHER Videos with Louis Krudo:

Ultimate Self Defense Credit Card:

Krudo RAW Premium Specialty Tactical Knife:


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