Off Road Off Grid Survival Trip With 3 Other YouTube Preppers S14

This weekend I met up with three other YouTube Preppers on an off road trip into the mountains. ManOfMany Thingz, Kentwood On The Run, Bugginin and a friend of the Man came out for an off road adventure.

We met up in the famous 909 in Pleasant Valley, NY. This is 909 acres of wild forested land where you can go off road and follow narrow 4wd trails through the mountains.

Kentwood and I headed out with my 4wd survival truck. My work truck converts into a survival vehicle with the addition of a fiberglass camper top and some survival gear tossed in. I can be on the road in ten minutes if I have to bug out in a hurry.

It was raining the whole day but that makes for perfect weather for an off road adventure. Mud and rain makes a mess of the trails and tests out your equipment.

We joined the team in late afternoon and followed the winding mountain trails to their camp. The others all had various tents set up but Kentwood and I planned to simply sleep in the survival truck. It is fast and easy to set up and take down. Just turn the key and go.

The ManOfMany Thingz cooked a 3 course meal in the back of his SJ while the rest of us had various prepackaged survival meals. Everyone was looking at his huge steak dinner with desire while he ate it. We considered taking his awesome meal by force. It was nearly the end for the ManOfMany Thingz. lol

Later we had a funeral fire for the blue table and said our goodbyes.

Long after dark we all headed out into the muddy trails for a hiking adventure. It was slippery and raining but we all had a good time while talking about survival and preparedness.

More to come from the off road preppers weekend…

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