One of the Most Mysterious California Wilderness Disappearances


This case is still to this day one of the most baffling Mysteries in California history. In August of 2000, Rosemary Kunst went on a spiritual retreat to the Marble Mountains Wilderness in Northern California. The retreat was run by a very well known and very well respected Native American chief who knew the area very well.
There was a group of 20 people on this hike.
The day before they were set to leave the whole group went on a hike, however, Rosemary decided to stay behind. At roughly 1pm on August 20, 2000 she decided she was going for a short hike on her own. The chef that was there made her a sandwich she some trail mix thinking she would only be gone an hour or so.
She was wearing bright blue clothing and carrying a journal..
She was never seen again. Over 150 search and rescue were out looking for her over the course of the next week and they found nothing but 4 hairs; that were stuck in sine brush, no where near any trails.

The authorities were quoted in saying” it’s as if she vanished into thin air”

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends and everyone who helped look for her

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office at: 530-841-2900

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Rosemary Theresa Kunst


Rosemary Theresa Kunst

Rosemary Kunst; In 2000, a 70-year-old San Anselmo woman vanished from Spirit Lake in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. She was looking for a spiritual experience in the mountains, and wanted to be able to connect with her deceased husband from WithoutATrace

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