Planting A Vegetable Garden with Secrets for Greater Harvests #Backyard #Food

I’m planting out our main garden in this video. I give out tons of tips and tricks to help YOUR plants grow and produce tons of food & how to avoid problems. Also, I may never sing again in a video!
Triple 13 Fertilizer: (May be hard to get soon)
3’x6’x12” Galvanized Raised Beds (2 pack):
Tomato clips (used for trellising):
Biotone Starter:
2 Gal Water Can:
6 ½’ x 330’ Landscapers Barrier:
1020 Seed Starting Trays & liner pots:
4 Prong Cultivator (Singing not included):

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds-
Sugar Snap Peas:
Rutgers Tomatoes:
Sweet Bell Peppers:
Cherry Tomatoes:
Beefsteak Tomatoes:
Summer Squash:
Sweet Banana Peppers:
Swiss Chard:
Bush Beans:
Watermelon Radishes:

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In this video I’m panting: Squash/Zucchini, Sugar Snap Peas, Bush Beans, Watermelon Radishes, Rutgers Tomatoes, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Sweet Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Cayenne, Habanero, & Okra in raised beds.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:41 Supercharge the Water
1:04 Bad Singing, Briefly
1:23 Sweetening Soil with Azomite
1:49 Squash & Zuke Spacing & tips
2:37 Cages=Vertical & Frost Protection
3:09 Monster Roots
3:37 OMG!
4:14 Cross Pollination Concerns
5:00 My Planting Method: Squash & Zucchini
7:00 Fast Planting Them
7:24 Using Biotone Starter in the Beds
8:26 Swiss Chard Plant out
9:04 Learn by Doing
9:55 Drip Irrigation Plans
12:20 Planting Cucumbers
13:37 Transplanting Sugar Snap Peas
14:20 Bush Beans & Radishes
15:52 Rutgers Tomatoes
16:04 Powdered Eggshells in Tomato Beds
18:28 How to plant a Tomato
19:35 Trellis Clips
20:13 Hilling Tomatoes for MORE Roots
20:54 Beefsteak, Brandy Boy, & Cherry Tomatoes
21:15 Bell Peppers
21:50 Hot Peppers
22:35 Like, Subscribe & Share (please)

“Tea Roots” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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