Prepper Gardening: Sustainable Food Production [Prepping Today #4]

An overview of sustainable, self-reliant gardening tools and techniques. Topics include the necessary elements of plant growth, airflow and carbon dioxide supplementation, regrowing storebought produce, growing sprouts and microgreens, herb gardening, grow lights, seed starting, hardening off transplants, container gardening, fertilizers and necessary nutrients, adjusting soil pH, soil composition, annuals versus perennials, USDA hardiness zones, average frost dates, growing season, cool-weather crops, low tunnels, poly tunnels, hoop houses, greenhouses, cold frames, crop rotation, mulching, water, pest control, beneficial insects, polyculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, composting, worm bins, heirloom versus hybrid varieties, and seed saving. Also covers the past week’s news of interest to preppers, as well as Prepper Jay’s gear and book recommendation for the week.

Prepping Today with Prepper Jay:
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