Prepper Lockdown Shopping

A Pandemic lockdown shopping trip. Have you got your family prepared for the coming lockdowns?
You know based on the past twelve months or so it is going to happen.
In this video, “Pandemic: Lockdown Shopping” I show and discuss some important items to have on hand in addition to masks.
On my prepping lockdown shopping trip I picked up prepping items in relation to safe indoor SHTF cooking, grid down cooking, alternatives to your commode should the sewer system fail to work, alternatives to having hot water should the power grid collapse, quick and easy meals for your SHTF cooking options and several other interesting items as well.

Don’t miss the this Pandemic Lockdown Prepping video!

For your convenience I have broken the video into chapters so you can easily locate a particular item if you like.

00:00 Introduction
2:21 Food Supply
3:46 First Aid
3:56 Pets
4:08 Gas/Fuel
4:29 Safe Indoor Grid Down Cooking
5:26 Outdoor Grid Down Cooking
6:30 OTC Meds
6:46 Comms
7:08 Sanitizers
7:19 Household Cleaners
7:35 Hygiene
7:52 Entertainment
8:20 Toilet Paper
8:37 Laundry
8:45 Dishwashing
9:04 Garbage
9:21 Using Bathroom/Commode
10:38 Bathing/Hot Water
11:32 Safe Drinking Water
11:56 Ability To Shop During Lockdown

Lockdown Prepping video:

Which Sterno Stove Fuel is the best value:

Safe SHTF Indoor Cooking with Sterno Stove, Alcohol and Cast Iron:

Safe SHTF Indoor Quick Meals and Cooking Options:

Video using the Tabletop Campfire Table:

Sterno Stove Mac and Cheese:

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