Prepper Pantry Haul: Inflation, Skyrocketing prices, Wild weather, Tornadoes, Shortages

It’s scary to think a tornado or other force of nature could wipe out all the preps we worked so hard to build. Those are things we can’t control but we just have to do our best to be prepared for ANY situation that could arise. Help your neighbors when you are able with the faith that, that help will come back to you if you are ever the one in need. Take steps to document your preps in case you ever need it for insurance purposes.

These are the preps we added to our stores this week including our Black Friday order from Thrive Life that recently arrived. Although that sale is over now, there are monthly specials every month including a monthly specials “pack” with an additional discount!
With a 25 year shelf life and superior nutrition, these foods have really stepped up our prepping game!

Our family chooses Thrive Life freeze dried foods because they’re simply the best! No additives, no GMO’s, just pure, nutritious, whole foods with impeccable quality control AND a 25 year shelf life! Check it out here:

Could you use a little extra income? How would you like to get PAID every time your friends and family shop for groceries? Join our team! Even if you never sell to anyone, you will earn commission on your own purchases- getting paid to stock your prepper pantry is a no-brainer!

Our Favorite Amazon Prepping Items:
Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers:
Sawyer Mini Water Filter:
Presto Pressure Canner:
Dual Fuel Stove for Emergencies:

Money saving rebate apps I use for deals and freebies for my prepper pantry:
Ibotta: referral code “biqzbr”
Fetch: referral code “Q6WYV”
Shopkick: referral code code SALE199667

Did you know 9 out of 10 people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables daily? Ruvi has the solution with 4 servings of whole, clean fruits and vegetables in each delicious drink! With a shelf life of at least 18 months, it’s also a great way to add nutritional insurance to your prepper pantry- so add Ruvi to your rotation!
See for yourself at:

Food storage supplies from Mother Earth Products:

Find top quality survival gear at Survival Frog

Makeup by Senegence:

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