Preppers 2022 Guide to Self Sufficient Living

Live Life DIY is about being self-reliant, self sufficient, and independent. You creating a fun, happy, lifestyle of freedom. Live Life DIY is the life you have always wanted to live, your dream lifestyle.

How do you think about and start prepping?
What will your family and friends think?
If living a prepared for anything self-sufficient country life is important to you get started prepping today. If you’re waiting and putting it off it’ll never happen. This is your preppers guide to self sufficient simple country living.

Live happy fun loving and carefree.

The idea of working hard at a job you do not like exchanging time for money day in and day out year after year a slave to the system and deferring life until old age stinks.

Self-Reliant and Living a Self-Sufficient Life
Do you dream of living self-sufficient and self-reliant? Today, someone is going to begin the journey to living self-sufficient. Let it be you.

Start now and start today. Issues like inflation and supply chain shortages aren’t going to get better. And even if the do get better. Make prepping part of your ever day life. Being prepared isn’t buying 25 year shelf life foods an emergency first aid kit and a solar powered smartphone charger. It needs to be part of your daily life.

Learn where to find and how to purify water. Funny how easy it is to overlook water but it is most critical. Do you have a well? A creek or pond?

Learn what edible plants live in your area. Berries roots leaves what can you eat from your own backyard. Become skilled at plant identification.

Learn gardening. Growing your own amazing and tasty food is a skill that needs to be cultivated. See what I did there? Garden, skill cultivated.

And maybe eventually learn to can and preserve foods. Yes this is an old fashion skill our grandparents needed. But it is a good life skill to know.

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