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Don’t just survive in the wild — learn how to THRIVE in your natural surroundings with experienced outdoorskid Miller Wilson as your guide. Shot in the Australian wilderness where Miller calls home, this kid-friendly series shows you how to make it in the wild using only outdoor resources. With Miller’s creative survival skills and bushcrafting know-how, you’ll be prepared for any adventure.

Ep 1: NAVIGATION (8’36)
Discover how your natural surroundings can help you find your way as you learn to plot the direction of the sun with a shadow stick, and make a floating compass with a leaf and magnetically-charged needle. Miller explains how stargazing and finding higher ground have also helped explorers through the ages.

Ep 2: SHELTER (11’52)
Why is a raised platform the best option for sleeping and staying safe from the elements? Find out as you learn to make a sleeping platform out of natural materials. Miller also reveals the safest spots for your shelter.

Ep 3: CAMPFIRE (11’33)
Once you’ve made your shelter, it’s time to keep warm by the fire. But first you have to build it! Look at the science behind fire as you learn the essential steps to campfire safety.

Ep 4: WATER (9’13)
In the wild, water is your greatest need. Without it, your chances of survival are zero. Learn how to purify creek water and harvest water from a plant. Afterwards, Miller puts his knot-tying skills to the test as he makes a rope swing that’ll help him launch into a favorite swimming hole.

Ep 5: STAYING SAFE (10’40)
What to prepare for a successful trip? From planning to packing, Miller’s got you covered. First he fashions a makeshift shoe from a banana leaf and grass rope, sharing knife safety tips along the way. Then he makes a wild-made fishing rod. Plus, find out how to identify (and avoid!) snakes, centipedes, leeches and other creepy-crawlies.

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