Processing strawberries | Prepper Promotion

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This is the first of a series of passive prepping videos I am to produce in conjunction with an affiliate promotion Chris Gilmour’s “Survive the Storms” e-course.

I consider myself a fairly passive prepper. My rules are to only buy what I already use, buy it in bulk when it is on sale, and use it up before it expires. There are two examples in this video. The first is a $1 per pound deal I got on some great strawberries. Putting my kids to work on my Victorio food strainer resulted in 21 lbs of strawberries getting processed into freezer bags of sauce in less than an hour. I used the leftover pulp to start a batch of strawberry wine – using part of my 40kg stash of granulated sugar I got on sale recently for just $0.50 per kg.

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