Quick Tip: The Do’s & Don’ts of Ammo Storage

Admit it: You’ve gone out and bought a big stockpile of ammo, right? It’s OK. We understand. And the good news is ammunition will keep for a long time IF YOU STORE IT PROPERLY. Brownells Gun Techs Caleb and Steve tell us how to do just that. DON’T store it just in the cardboard factory boxes in the basement (especially not on the floor), attic, or garage! It’ll absorb moisture which will degrade primers and powder and corrode the brass cases. Sealed military ammo will usually handle this kind of storage for quite a while, but ammo isn’t cheap so why risk it? DO store ammunition in a cool, dry place that doesn’t have wide swings of temperature. Temperature cycling will also degrade primers and powder. Put it in airtight ammo cans to keep out the moisture. Tupperware will work too, but get clearance from your significant before you “borrow” it. If you have ’em, throw in some moisture-absorbing silica packs, the kind that come with electronics and shoes. Follow these simple steps, and all the ammo in your stash will go BANG, no matter how much time passes before you shoot it.

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