Rainwater Harvesting QA – Cost, is it Illegal, how I treat, etc,.

Today I’m answering Rainwater Harvesting questions about my rainwater collection system tour video. Treatment and filtration, is rainwater harvesting illegal, system cost, what is the capacity, how long can we go between rains, what other forms of harvesting do we use, plans for the future, and more!
Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions!!

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NOTE: forgot to talk about two other questions… annual rainfall in this area is about 12″ and the water in the pipes transfers to the tan tank via a level difference. It is explained in the first video. Here is the link:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNXooT2FVXM&t=435s

Do we have a well? – 1:34
Why don’t we have one? -1:40
System capacity? – 2:09
Collection area sqft? -2:49
How many gallons per inch of rain? – 3:14
Do we treat for algae? – 3:24
How do we filter the water? – 4:05
Other ways we harvest rain? – 5:01
Why no “first flush” system? – 6:45
How do we clean the gutters? – 8:30
Isn’t rainwater acidic? – 8:52
What about bird poop? – 9:25
Have we had our water tested? – 9:50
Is rainwater harvesting illegal? – 10:03
How do we drain/flush the pipes? – 11:06
Did I do all the work myself? – 11:30
How do we conserve? – 12:08
Graywater? – 12:39
What did this system cost? – 12:57
Future rainwater harvesting plans? – 15:16

Please let me know if you have any questions

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