Self Defense for Seniors || Self Defense Technique || Russ Godfrey The RowdyDaw

Self Defense for Seniors || Self Defense Technique || Russ Godfrey The RowdyDawg

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⭐⭐ Today we have an incredible guest. The living legend Matt P. Kelly of “The Knights Path” is with us. Matt is a weapons and self defense expert with 1st, 2nd and 10th degree Black Belts in 3 martial arts disciplines!!

Matt knows his stuff and has put his skills to practical use on the mean streets of Dallas, Texas where he was a police officer for many years.

Matt is going to talk about and teach us some practical self defense techniques. Below find Matt’s information to check out and also the book he references in our talk today.

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Below find all of Matt’s social media to check out:

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This is the link to the Fresh Start Fitness course

The Navy SEAL whose book I reference in the episode is Chris Sajnog ret. Navy SEAL sniper and lead firearms instructor to shop for his books click below:
It was an honor and privilege to do part 1 with you Russ!

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