Serious 6 Tag VR !! Live to survive and Bushcrafter

I was tagged for the Serious 6 questions by 2 channels so I figured I better get my answers up!! Thanks for watching!!

Music is Copyright of Curtis Lueke
Used with permission of Curtis Lueke

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1. what SHTF scenario do you fear the most?

Nuclear, biochemical, natural disaster, economical collapse, martial law, EMP, spiritual, cult or religious reasons

2. In a SHTF scenario we suffer from a total economic collapse, if the dollar loses all value, what do you have readily available as currency?

3. In the SHTF situation is your mindset to dig in or bug out and why?

In a SHTF situation what environment would you prefer to be in and why?

Wilderness, Urban or Suburban

5. What are your 3 strongest skills that you can bring to the table in an SHTF situation?

6. Tag 3 fellow YouTubers who have less than 1000 subscribers



Frug Survival Gear

Weekend Warriors Outdoors


Budget Bushkraft

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