Supernova Difficulty Guide – The Outer Worlds Hard Mode Survival

Supernova Difficulty Guide for The Outer Worlds Hardest Mode Survival. In this video, we’ll show you tips and tricks on how to deal with this difficulty, so that you can enjoy the challenge, without getting frustrated or stuck.

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Early on you’ll need to sleep in the cot on your ship near the Workbench because the Captain’s quarters will not be open yet. Don’t try to do all of Emerald Vale without sleeping, because as your sleep (or food or drink) bar begins to deplete you will take penalties to your Attributes. If at any time you go to your Attribute screen and see penalties that you didn’t apply during Character Creation, make your you sleep, or eat or drink.

If you need Water or are having a hard time finding any, buy it from Vending Machines. I always buy some any time I see one because it is needed the most often, and it’s not super expensive. Look out for Dehydrated Water, Plain N’ Pure Water or Glacier Water and buy these when you can. You can use sugary drinks as well when in a pinch, but always stock up when you can.

Avoid combat if you can early on, and complete quests to gain XP. If you don’t feel comfortable taking on a pack of enemies, or they’ve already killed you once or twice, avoid them and come back later. There are a couple of spots in Emerald Vale that have 6+ enemies at once, and it’s very easy to die or lose a Companion in these places. Come back when you are higher level and a bit more geared up.

Deconstruct Armor and Weapons you don’t need early on for parts, but then begin selling things you don’t need for Bits so that you can Tinker your Armor and Weapons up higher for improved performance. Tinkering good gear can make all the difference in the world, but if you deconstruct everything you won’t have the Bits to do it. And if you don’t deconstruct anything, then you can’t repair your Armor. It’s a fine balance, but make sure you do both.

When you get to Monarch, you’ll need to move your ship around often to make saving a bit easier. You can do this by putting your credentials of into the terminal of the Landing Pads there. Once you get to Fallbrook, head to the Landing Pad at the back and use the terminal to call your ship to you so that you can save. You’ll likely need to move your ship several times in order to make saving more convenient. Remember that you can get to Fallbrook, call your ship, head inside and then fly back to Stellar Bay if needed, saving you time!

If your Companions keep dying set them to Defensive so that they quit chasing every god damn enemy and getting themselves killed. This will make them quite a bit less effective than normal, but sometimes all you need them to do is not die. Switch them back to Aggressive after you’ve resolved an encounter this way, because they are “usually” fine. Usually…

I highly recommend taking the Perk Don’t Go Dyin’ On Me!. It will make the later areas of the game much easier, and it can save you a few reloads here and there.

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