Surviving Nuclear Fallout: Prepper School Vol

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Nuclear Fallout Survival : Prepper School Vol. 16

Blast zone, shockwave, fallout
Blast, Heat, Radioactivity

Hiroshima 71% survival
Nagasaki 76% survival
Bigger bombs today
Ground vs Ariel blast

Get inside, stay inside, stay tuned (48 hrs)

15 mins to shelter : Barrier from blast

Underground, Steel, concrete, packed earth, lead (cars no good)

Cell damage, radiation burns, sickness, cancer, death

Fallout dust 50% 1st hour
80% 1st 24 hrs, 99% 48 hrs

Potassium iodide KI pills
Fills thyroid 24 hrs

Pectin/ Apple Juice
National Institute of health (Chernobyl)

Remove clothes carefully
Seal in plastic far away
Wash exposed areas
No conditioner

Cut off HVAC
Seal windows with plastic
Center of structure

Water : plastic jugs
Radiation filter
Improvised filter
Bucket with holes, Gravel, towel, clay or dirt, towel
Purify: boil, filter

Food: canned food
Refrigerator, packaged

Irradiated vs radioactive

Gardens: remove top soil: 5-10 inches

Don’t eat meat from animals

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