Talking Survival with Angery American and Tactical Rifleman

About a 2months ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to Chris Weatherman’s homestead. You all might know Chris as “Angery American” the author of the popular survival novels. He is also a Subject Matter Expert on Prepping. Seeing Chris’s world was another slap in the face, reminding me that buying all the sexy gear and guns does NOT make you “prepared.” I know a lot of people don’t want to hear that they have shortcomings. However, recognizing our weaknesses is how we improve.
This week’s video (new video every Friday for new viewers), Chris and I sat down, for a frickin hour, and we talked “Survival Basics.” These types of lists are everywhere on the web. We have even done whole videos just on OUR list, that you can find in our video Archive.

Here’s our Survival Basics::
Self Defense
Situational Requirements
Depending on your situation or mission, this list may change both in priorities and also in importance of each. Chris stresses some great points.
There’s nothing new or crazy here that we don’t already know. However, sitting down with Chris got me thinking.
What else am I missing?
What can I do Here? What can I and can’t I currently afford?
For many of you, it will be “Where Do I Start?”
There are dark clouds on the horizon. Like it or not, they are coming. All will play and all will suffer. However, some will suffer less than others. Luck favors the Prepared. TR

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