The Easiest Way to Compost

Compost Everything:

What is the easiest way to compost?

It seems like most composting methods are complicated. Get the C/N ratio correct! Don’t add meat! Don’t add paper! Make sure you hit ____ degrees! Turn it every four days!

Yet nature makes compost every day without following all these rules. The easy way to compost is to do what she does. Find a spot out of the way, then throw things on the ground. Simple! Easy! Crazy!

Sure, you can use bins and tumblers and all kinds of things and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s good that you’re composting. I’ve had many people say “help – my compost isn’t heating up!” Yet that doesn’t mean you’ll make bad compost! Know this: at it’s very basic level, compost is just the result of natural decay processes. You can speed it up by aerating the compost heap, turning regularly, making sure the pile has the right moisture and mix of ingredients… but even if you don’t do all that, what you pile up will break down into good compost eventually. Give it time and don’t stress. Fungi, insects, worms and bacteria will compost everything eventually.

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