The Working Survivalist in SHTF

Prepping is the great journey that most people are looking for. Along with challenging you to learn new skills and focus on the future, it also helps to reintroduce you to the forgotten natural world.

In the classic SHTF scenario, you probably picture yourself surviving some kind of fallen society and spending time growing food, bartering with other survivors, and working some kind of security.

There seem to be two worlds in the minds of many preppers. One is today’s world, where you go to work and do your job each day. You come home and be mom or dad.

Then there is the SHTF world where you become the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR.

What if the reality was smack dab in the middle. A world that has fallen into chaos but you still have to make a living. You still spend 8 hours away from home but you also have to come home and grow the food, deal with the maniacs and fight for survival.

That is much more likely what we will face in the future. This new depression or economic collapse is not just going to give you 8 free hours to be do all the survival things. No. You will still have to make some money. Prepare for your family not your fantasy.

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