Top 10 Cheapest Places You Can Buy Land. (Homesteading and Tiny House)

Top 10 Cheapest Places to Buy Land. (Homesteading and Tiny House)

Cheap land for sale.

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This video is for all of you that have been asking about the best places for land that you could buy for Homesteading or Tiny Homes.
I’m not sure about the rules for each and every place as far as tiny homes or homesteading because the laws and rules are changing constantly. Do your own research about those subjects. This list is about the cheapest places to find land that you probably can do that.
A lot of cheap lands are going to be in Arizona and New Mexico but I found some other places in Alaska, Colorado, and Arkansas too.

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If you enjoy these videos I would love to hear about it. Most of these videos are made to help people who are thinking about relocating, looking for real estate, or just wanting to learn about the United States. We look at the best and worst cities, states, towns, and neighborhoods in the United States. But, most of the time focus on the negative side of locations. If you only want some happy positive information about a city, town, or state, I would suggest looking up local mortgage and real estate companies or maybe the locations website. They are trying to sell you something so it will be nothing but sunshine, rainbows and a bunch of smoke up your skirt. They won’t tell you about crime, poverty, bail bondsmen, or insurance you’ll need because of natural disasters. I will. And I will try and make it entertaining.

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