Tips and tricks on how to play the Kislev factions! Also how to unlock Boris, the third lord! Covering starting position, lords, hero units, what buildings to build, Ice Court mechanics, campaign differences, alliances, expansion moves, and ataman management!

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0:00 Lords
2:59 Tzarina Katarin Start
3:53 Buildings
7:00 Devotion/Religious struggle
9:06 Kostaltyn Start
12:18 Unlocking Boris Ursus
15:17 Making Money/Unique buildings
20:40 Ice Court Mechanics
21:35 Hero mechanics and builds
24:25 Expansion routes
25:46 Boyar Lords builds
26:49 Atman system
28:03 Technology Tree
31:28 Units/Buildings
34:28 Diplomacy/Allies
36:28 Boris Ursus Start

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