Ultimate Survival Guide

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Ultimate Survival Guide – Learn the keys to survive anything – learn Survival Skills

What you will learn in this course ?

What you’ll learnThe need and why it’s important to learn how to surviveLearn what items to have on hand to prepare for an emergency (at home, outdoors, vehicle, boating, flying)How to make a personal survival kitHow to survive a terrorist attackHow to survive the apocalypseBest way to build a fireUsing a map/compass and natural elements to navigateSurviving an animal attackBasic First Aid skillsSurvival a natural disasterAnd more…Show moreShow less

The need to eduction yourself on survival skills is especially important in today’s society. You never know when an accident, act of terror, disaster, etc. will strike and it’s important you are ready for it and know how to respond. 

This course is designed to educate you on what you need to know for a variety of survival scenarios, which include:

– Terror Attacks

– Natural Disaster

– Government Collapse 

– End Of the World Apocalypse  

– Survival Kits and Emergency Preparation

– Using a map, compass and your surrounding to navigate

– Buliding Fire

– Animal Attacks

– And much more

After completing this course you will be confident and prepared for whatever comes your way. Enjoy!

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