***UNBOXING*** ATLAS 72hr emergency survival ration, Minotaur Trading Co

Here’s yet another MASSIVE ration from Minotaur! The included food items are : 3 freeze dried breakfast, 6 freeze dried lunch/dinner, 6 freeze dried sides, several cold drinks, 3 “3 in 1″ coffee pouches, 6 all day snacks, 3 desserts, hard tack & pilot bread, spreads, a condiment bag, 3 accessories kits and an ATLAS spices tin. It also includes some survival items : a Minotaur branded ” Sawyer mini ” type water purification straw, a fire tinder tin, fero rod, Fresnel lens and a micro razor blade knife. This ration is truly an all in one kit, that would sustain a person beyond 72hrs most likely. They’ve also just released a civilian version of their N.A.T.O 5 man, 5 day Arctic Field Ration that they were recently called on to produce. ~ Chesapeake

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