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Tim Larkin here. Some people have asked about Active Shooter situations in commercial buildings. In this video, I discuss an Active Shooter situation that happened in a club in Las Vegas that was temporarily in a casino. I did a breakdown of it that I think will be relevant today. It’s a little graphic, but there is something to be learned from it.

00:00 Introduction
01:24 Break-down Of Incident
02:14 Bouncer Confronts Shooter & Attempts To Control Weapon
03:27 Security Guard Tackles From Behind
04:25 Break-down Of The Video
05:44 Same Scenario, But Injury Is Introduced
06:54 Why Causing Injury Is So Important
09:20 You May Have Only One Chance
10:12 In Closing & Please Subscribe

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Target Focus Training – Tim Larkin – Awareness – Self Protection – Self Defense – Martial Arts

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