What to do if a Bully Wants your Phone (Self Defense Tips)

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There are many situations where you need to protect yourself from a bully. That is especially true if you’re in school.

Some bullies want to steal your phone. They get close to you and they ask for your phone.

First off, that is a good self-defense situation to analyze. The question is: Are you willing to die to for a phone?

In fact, we often recommend to give up your belongings in a robbery situation. If, however you are getting a beating for your belongings and you feel your life is threatened, then it might be a good time to fight back.

The more you practice for self-defense, the more you’ll be able to establish when it’s time to fight back and when it’s time to give up your items in a robbery.

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What to do if a Bully Wants your Phone – Self-Defense Tips

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