Why You Wouldn’t Survive Planet of the Apes’ Simian Flu

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So today its the definition of RETURN TO MONKE, when the Simian Flu stemmed from a cure of Alzheimer’s that became a disease that nearly wiped out humanity, and in doing so, made us dumb and our simian brethren the big brains. Do you think you could survive this scenario? Let’s find out!

Edited by Wisefish: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvsVl1wbrffYn5NuTysLHqQ

Background music by Ghost Memories: https://soundcloud.com/ghost_memories
Outro song (Red Blink of Death by Super Hero Super Villain): https://bit.ly/2Z5nLvF

0:00 Intro
1:41 Ad
3:02 The Disease’s Origins
5:44 Patient Zero
6:42 How it spread
7:21 Ape Uprising
8:14 Symptoms and what the Simian Flu does
9:45 World Reaction
11:15 The Primitive Mutation
12:35 How would Simian Flu do in our world?
13:49 What if the apes wanted us dead?
15:00 How will apes change?
18:34 Human response and retaliation
19:59 Conclusion? We’re screwed
22:23 Outro

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